Eight tips to speed up your metabolism rate

Few factors influence how you look more than the body’s metabolism rate.
The higher your metabolism rate, the better. The faster you can keep your body running, the better it will burn up fat.
The following are eight tips to speed up the all-important metabolism rate:
1. Spread out meals – Body builders are known for eating numerous small meals throughout the day. Don’t sit down for one or two pigout fests during the day – spread around your calories.
2. Plan meals smartly – Lay out in advance a meal plan. Often when we’re in a hurry and don’t have a meal planned is when we wind up in a fast-food drive through lane.
When planning those meals, incorporate lots of protein and leafy vegetables and fruits.
3. Train hard – If you work out hard and with intensity it will up your metabolism. Use strength training exercises at least 3-4 times a week and also make sure to do aerobic exercises regularly, such as on a treadmill or elliptical or running outside.
4. Drink lots of water – In order to have a high metabolism rate, your body must be well-hydrated. Begin every day with a full glass of water and drink lots of fluids as the day goes on.
5. Skip the carbs – Carbohydrates, especially those found in white bread or pasta, will pack on the pounds quickly. They cause the sugar levels to rise in your body, which lead directly to fat gain.
6. Skip the soda – The first way to lose weight is get rid of soda in your fridge. Even diet pop is not considered good for you.
7. Get a late workout – If you can walk in the evening, or even get some late exercise, it’s a great way to stretch out your metabolism at a time when it would normally dial down.
8. Get plenty of rest – You can actually burn calories at night while sleeping, and the more in shape you are the more you’ll burn. Get 7-8 hours of sleep and set yourself up for a strong next day, too.

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