ElliptiGo takes cardio workout outdoors

The ElliptiGo

The ElliptiGo

Riding an ElliptiGo is so much fun that you might forget you’re also getting a great workout.
Using an ElliptiGo is like your traditional elliptical machine was suddenly able to leave the floor and ride outside.
The ingenious machine is part elliptical, part bike.
It transforms the health club or home gym workout many of us are accustomed to and brings it outdoors in a whole new way.
When riding the ElliptiGo you are constantly moving. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, but because you also have to push with your legs and pump the handles with your arms, you also get a good strength workout.
An article from active.com calls the ElliptiGo possibly the best cross-training tool for runners.
“it’s perhaps the only cross-training tool that closely mimics the running motion and can be used outdoors,” the active.com article states. “Cross-training can be the saving grace for any runner interested in longevity in the sport as well as for new runners looking for ways to increase fitness without additional pounding.
“In fact, most coaches and training plans advise that healthy runners of all levels incorporate some amount of running-specific strength training, such as core work, drills and single-leg exercises, and low-impact cross-training, such as swimming, cycling or riding the elliptical, into their routines.”
Co-founder and ElliptiGO co-president Bryan Pate enjoys people’s reactions when seeing the machine for the first time.
“Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it,” says Pate. “It looks different, but it definitely works and provides the best cross-training experience available on the market today.”
An ElliptiGo lets you cover a lot of ground, enjoy the fresh air and at the same time it’s easier on the joints than running.?Let’s face it, it’s also a great change of pace from a standard elliptical machine or bike.?The ElliptiGo has three speeds and you power it with foot movements like you’d use on an elliptical machine, while controlling the handlebars to steer, adjust the resistance and speed and brake.
It weighs just 40 pounds.?Depending on your leg strength, you can ride the ElliptiGo anywhere from 15-25 mph. The ElliptiGo can take a short while to get used to, but is actually pretty simple to ride. Once you find the right stance to ride it and work on turning corners, you’ll find you can actually get some good speed going. Even going up hills is pretty easy.?It can accommodate people of just about all sizes, with a weight limit up to 250 pounds.?Made of sturdy, but lightweight material, the ElliptiGo weights 40 pounds. The bike retails for around $2,000-2,400.

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