Exercise a great defense to prevent senior citizens from falling

For many senior citizens 65 and older, the worst thing that can happen to them is falling down. According to statistics from the National Council on Aging, one in three seniors experiences a significant fall each year and every 35 minutes, an elderly person dies from a fall.
Falling is the leading cause of death for seniors
There are many things seniors can do to prevent falling, though, and the most important defense is exercising.
Seniors need to keep moving, exercising and learning, activities that help improve strength, balance and coordination, and even helps build new neural pathways.
If someone is frail, or just fearful of falling, it’s understandable that they’re less likely to move around.
However, these people need to work under the supervision of a doctor, trainer or rehab specialist to exercise in order to keep their muscles moving.
Exercise can also help maintain or improve bone density and strength.
Senior citizens are encouraged to join social programs that include games, activities and-or exercise classes that are specifically designed for them.
Many seniors benefit from exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, functional trainers and light dumbbells.

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