Exploring the Pros and Cons of Body Wraps

Are you considering getting a body wrap in order to shed a few extra pounds? While it is true that a body wrap can help you lose some extra weight, it is important for you to understand more about what body wraps are about and how they work before you decide to spend your time and money getting a body wrap done.

How it Works

First, you should know that a body wrap does not actually help you lose fat. Although you may shed away some pounds, this weight is what is known as “water weight.” Therefore, it won’t take too very long for you to put those pounds back on. Nonetheless a body wrap can help you with getting squeezed into your favorite dress for an evening.

Quite simply, a body wrap involves covering your body with some sort of mixture that will help draw the excess water from your body. This mixture is generally some combination of mud, mineral salt and oil. After the mixture is spread over your body, you are then wrapped from head to toe with cotton bandages, which ay have also been soaked in some sort of special herbal mixture.

After your body has been properly wrapped, you will then be placed under a thermal blanket or some sort of light in order to induce sweating. It is this sweating process that helps remove the excess water in your body, which may result in a loss of pounds as well as inches. In fact, the person performing the wrap will likely weigh you and take your measurements before and after the treatment so you can see just how much you have lost.

Exploring the Benefits

Since the weight loss you achieve through body wraps is short-term, you may be wondering what the benefits are to getting the procedure done. First of all, even short-term weight loss can have its benefits. After all, you can potentially lose several inches after undergoing a body wrap procedure, which means you can fit into your “skinny jeans” or your favorite dress for a night of fun.

Aside from losing extra pounds and inches, getting a body wrap can also help firm and tighten your skin, which will also make you appear thinner by reducing the appearance of cellulite.  By tightening your skin and helping to eliminate toxins, your skin may also look a bit younger after undergoing a body wrap treatment.