Fall into Fitness: Part II

Continuing with our Fall into Fitness ideas, here are five more suggestions to change up your fitness regimen with the weather cooling off and fall inching ever so closer.
1 Run in a road race – This is a great time of year to set a goal of training for and then running in a road race. There are lots of local 5K and 10K races held each weekend. This is a great way to stay in shape and stay motivated while training.
Run inside on your treadmill and when the weather is nice mix in outside training sessions as well.
2 Improve your diet – Take a good honest look at your diet and determine if there are areas you can improve in. It’s a lot easier to put weight on during the winter months if you’re not careful, so establish good habits now.
3 Get enough sleep – Make sure to get enough sleep as it will help you enjoy better overall health.
4 Go for a water ride – Go on a canoe, kayak or rafting trip as you soak up the fall atmosphere.
5 Make time of yourself – If people aren’t careful they can get burned out on the hectic pace of life. Take some time for yourself to unwind. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case, hear the leaves crackle under your feet on a nice, peaceful fall walk.
Make time to work out, whether it’s at a health club or in a home gym you custom design.
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