Fall offers many unique exercise opportunities

Fall can offer scenery like no others. With the crackling of the leaves and smells of the season such as crisp air, leaves on the ground and apple picking it treats the senses like no other time of the year.
The fall months are also an excellent time to enjoy exercising in the great outdoors.
Activities such as walking, hiking and cycling are all great to do in the fall.
You may also want to discover park trails or visit some old favorites or take in some new scenery.
If you live near the beach, get out and go for a long walk along the water, play volleyball, or throw the Frisbee around.
Once peak season has passed by, many places are a lot less crowded so if it’s still warm enough they are still a lot of fun to visit.
If you’re near a lake, try kayaking or canoeing, for an excellent whole-body workout and a great change of pace.
Of course, the most classic way to exercise in the fall is to rake the yard or do other outdoor work.
The leaves are starting to fall now, but they won’t be up in the trees forever. Take advantage of the few good – sometimes great – weeks of fall weather left before winter’s chill arrives by enjoying the great benefits autumn has to offer.

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