Find out how WaterRower became a surprise star on ‘House of Cards’

One of the unexpected stars to gain fame from its appearance on the hit Netfilx show “House of Cards” isn’t an actor or actress.

The WaterRower is the favorite workout machine on the show for always scheming politician Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, and his wife Claire, played by Robin Wright. They climb aboard their WaterRower to burn off steam and calories after spending their days trying to lie, cheat and steal their way to the top of the political world.

In one scene, Frank Underwood even has a dream in which he’s exercising on a WaterRower.

Kevin Spacey House of Cards rowing machine

Each time a new season of “House of Cards” is released, viewers notice the WaterRower and searches for it go crazy on Google.
At Home Fitness in Arizona reports that the WaterRower is one of its most popular machines.

Whether or not the famous show featured the machine or not, it was sure to be a hit anyway. “House of Cards” has just helped make the WaterRower even more famous.

The WaterRower is one of the best-selling fitness machines in the industry for a variety of reasons. It gets great results, works out the entire body, is easy to use and takes up very little space.

These wonderful machines have a tank that is actually filled with water as a means for resistance. As you increase the pace of rowing, the resistance naturally increases as well. You can easily set your own pace and resistance in a single motion.

With a wide variety of products and accessories, WaterRower has established itself as the worldwide leading choice for water rowing machines.
Whether you are after a high-intensity sweat or a soothing rowing session, the WaterRower offers an unrivaled, total-body exercise for users of all fitness levels.

The WaterRower experience boosts a patented WaterFlyWheel which provides natural, smooth flowing resistance with the inspiring on-water sound that just cannot be found from traditional air or magnetic rowers.

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