Fit for life: tips for your 20s

Our bodies go through many changes through each decade we live. One thing that should never change is a commitment to exercise.
No matter what your age, exercise can always help you feel and look younger.
This week we’ll look at tips for how to adjust your fitness and health approaches as you move along through the decades in life.
Our series starts today with fitness tips for your 20s:

* You should be working out vigorously at least every other day for 30 minutes or more.
* Perform strength training and cardio exercises so that you have a good overall strength and stamina. Set up a regular weight program and run outside, or on a treadmill several times a week.
* You should be able to do more than 50 sit-ups
* You should be able to do more than 35 pushups.
* Start evaluating your diet habits. Although you can still possibly get away with eating a college kids’ diet if you’re active, your metabolism will be slowing down in years to come and bad habits could come back to haunt you.
* Practice good health screening by getting a tetanus shot every 10 years, and each year get a flu shot, physical (test for weight, BMI, blood pressure) and dentist exam and cleaning.

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