Fit for work: blue collar tips

Blue-collar workers are naturally going to have a strength edge over white-collar people as their jobs are almost always more physically demanding.
If you have an occupation that requires you to lift, pull and adjust heavy objects day after day, you are also performing functional strength training.
To develop even better strength, engage in an exercise program away from the job as well.
Although a blue-collar worker is already likely strong, a strength program outside of work will be the perfect complement to their job. It can also prevent injury by counter-balancing lifts you might perform on the job and further strengthening the core muscles.
Depending on the extent of the physical demands of your job, you may be pretty exhausted after work.
If you are doing that much work during the day, then you will require a shorter workout than white-collar workers who burn very few calories during the day.
Still, a good stretching program, light to moderate weightlifting regimen and time on a cardio machine a few times a week will put your blue-collar strength over the top.
If your job allows it, you can try to incorporate strength training into your work day, too. For example, if you have to lift giant sandbags at work try pressing with one arm, or taking two 30-pound packs of shingles at a time up the ladder instead of one. Do little things that test and push your strength at work, too.
It may take a bit of time to get used to working out after, or perhaps before, a hard day on the job.
However, with time you’ll find what kind of program works for you and go from there.
And the results will make you better off – both on the job and especially away from it when you look and feel like a million bucks.

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