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Five great reasons to buy a treadmill

One of the best investments a person can make for fitness is to buy a home treadmill. You can get a cardio workout any time you want — in the comfort of your own home.

Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in a treadmill:

Strength in numbers — Treadmills are the most popular home gym equipment. According to numerous sources, 60 million people own a treadmill.

Keep it natural — Walking is the most natural form of exercise and can benefit people of all ages. Regular walking burns calories and tones muscles.

Change it up — Treadmills allow for great versatility. You can vastly change the speeds, incline or decline and easily get intervals in. You can walk, jog or sprint. Treadmills can benefit anyone from a rehab patient to an elite athlete trying to push themselves in high-impact running.

Convenience — If you own a treadmill you can decide where, when and how you want to work out. Set up the treadmill in front of a TV and watch your favorite show, place a book or magazine on its rack or play the home stereo while you walk or run.

Safety — Treadmills are safer than running outdoors because you don’t have to worry about stepping in a hole outside, inclement weather, etc.

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