Six great ways to “repurpose” discarded items for exercise

Want to save money, help the environment and get stronger at the same time?
Why not “repurpose” common materials to help with fitness.
Here are six great examples of taking items that no longer have any use in one area and use them in another field — in this case fitness:
1. Tractor Wheels – Repurpose them as weights or strongman equipment.
2. 55-Gallon Drums – Repurpose them as storage units for exercise balls or other equipment.
3. Conveyor Belting – Repurpose them as weight room flooring.
4. Rail road ties – Repurpose them for outdoor strongman equipment.
5. Log Chain – Repurpose them as addition to weights.
6. Climbing Rope – Repurpose them as Jump Ropes.
Use some creativity to find these types of items, clean them and refurbish them and put them to use.
You might check factories, businesses, junk yards. etc., and ask them if they have these types of waste products that you could pick up if they’re discarded.

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