Five tips to Fall into Fitness

With the passing of Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, it’s time to soon turn our attention to fall.
For many of us, that means we’re on a schedule that changes due to school being back in session for loved ones and-or our jobs at levels ranging from preschool to college.
Don’t let the change of seasons take away from a summer spent being active.
Instead, look at the fall as a chance for new fitness opportunities.
Here are five ways to Fall into Fitness:
1. Go on a scenic hike or jog – When temperatures cool off, the fall months actually allow for more outside workouts than the summer in many parts of the country where the temperatures had been too warm
Enjoy a walk or run outside in the fall and experience the crackling of the leaves and smells of the season, such as crisp air, leaves on the ground and apple picking. It treats the senses like no other time of the year.
2. Go for a bike ride – Enjoy even more scenery by going on a 10-mile, 15-mile or even farther bike ride. Discover new park trails or visit some old favorites.
3. Go to the beach – That’s right, go to the beach in the fall. Many people forget the beach after Labor Day, but fall trips to the beach can be beautiful times to walk along the shoreline, throw the frisbee or set up a volleyball net.
4. Go canoeing – Get some great exercise by kayaking or canoeing on a lake or river.
5. Rake leaves – The classic fall exercise, this is a great way to clean up the yard and burn calories.

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