Five tips to lose final 10 pounds

Lose the final 10 pounds

Lose the final 10 pounds

If you’ve ever tried to reach a target weight, chances are you’ve found the final 5-10 pounds are the toughest to lose.
Generally, the initial pounds are much easier to shed. Things like tweaking the diet and following a regular exercise program can cause people to quickly lose weight at first.
However, the closer you get to the finish line you want to see on the scale, the harder it can be to reach.
Here are five tips to lose the final 10 pounds to reach your target weight loss goal:
1. Up your daily workout – Add 10-15 minutes to your regular workout to increase the amount of calories you’re burning. Change up the exercises a little bit, too, to work muscles in a slightly different way.
2. Combo lifts – Perform exercises in which multiple body parts are used, such as squats, clean and jerk or lunge into an overhead press. These will push your body a little more and in a different way.
3. Up your cardio – On cardio days, try to add on 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine.
4. Eat 5 times a day – Instead of eating the traditional three meals a day, try to eat five smaller meals spaced throughout the day. This is a common approach used to boost the metabolism by people who are trying to really trim up.
5. Shorten rest between sets – To really push yourself, try to shorten the time between sets on certain days. This is one more way to push the body that little extra so that you can trim off the toughest weight to lose – the final 10 pounds.
With dedication, hard work and a little know how, your weight loss goals can be reached. Just keep working hard and stick with it.

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