Five ways to make workouts more fun

If something is fun, there’s a far better chance a person will want to do it.
When it comes to exercise, the same holds true.
Make your workouts more fun and there’s a better chance you’ll do them more often, and get better results.
Here are five tips to make exercising more fun:
1. Buddy system – Find a friend to regularly work out with. Whether you’re lifting weights, riding a bike or just going for a walk, it’s often more fun to have a friend along.
2. Treadmill time – Get a treadmill for your home and you can walk or jog while watching TV, listening to your choice of music or use the rack to place a book to read. Before you know it, you’ll have put a good workout in.
3. Play Frisbee golf – Instead of just walking, play Frisbee golf. Look online for a list of courses, which are available in many cities. Frisbees are used to throw from hole to hole.
4. Shoot some hoops – If it’s been a while since you’ve played basketball, grab a ball, call a friend and go have some fun and break a sweat while you’re at it.

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