Foam rollers can get you moving better

If getting older is making it tougher and tougher to go running or get a good cardio workout, try stretching more to loosen up your muscles more before and after workouts.
To really get into the workout nice and limber, try warming up more beforehand and afterward and consider buying a foam roller to help with the stretching.
A foam roller is a product that lets people give themselves a massage, which is also known as self-myofascial release. A foam roller is actually a form of soft tissue therapy that many people pay top dollar to get from a massage therapist. Massage is often used by athletes and recommended by physical therapists.
If you’ve had pain in certain areas a foam roller can help relax the contracted muscles, thus allowing an increase in blood flow to the affected areas. The pain or stiffness can be greatly reduced or even eliminated over time.
Foam rollers can improve workouts or even overall athletic performance in many areas. Many people who are involved in yoga and pilates also incorporate foam rollers into their stretching routines.
There are a number of different foam rollers on the market that vary in stiffness. Talk to a sports medicine doctor, trainer or trained fitness store specialist for more information on foam rollers and workout plans that you can use them for.

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