Form your own Olympic team to improve fitness level

The 2012 London Olympics are truly inspiring and although you’re almost assuredly not going to be part of the U.S. team in 2016, there are ways to put the inspiration to work to really better yourself.
While we’re highly unlikely to get an invite to the Olympic training headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., one thing we can all do is form our own “Olympic team” to train with.
Whether it’s joining with teammates, co-workers, friends and-or family members, working out together almost always brings about better results.
Here are five ways forming your own Olympic team can improve your fitness level:
1. Find a workout partner – This will keep you accountable, and vice versa. A workout partner can help alleviate boredom. Doing the same things over and over by yourself can get stagnant. With a workout partner, just having someone to talk to can make the time go by faster and give you motivation to train better.
2. Competition – It’s natural to give it at least a little extra when exercising with someone else to look good in front of them. Hopefully, you’ll keep pushing each other to new heights.
3. Better cardio workouts – One of the most monotonous parts of exercising is long cardio workouts on a treadmill, bike, running outside, etc. A workout buddy or team will really help make these types of workouts more fun.
4. Spotter – If you’re into lifting free weights, a workout partner can make a huge difference as a spotter. It’s safer and allows you to add more weight, while a spotter can also encourage you through tough sets.
5. Exercise class – To really feel like part of a team, join an exercise class or adult boot camp at a local fitness club in which an entire group works together.

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