Franchise players of home gyms: Home gyms

When it comes to fitness equipment, the one piece some people get the most use out of in their home workout room is the home gym.
Many people prefer a home gym over exercising with free weights.
The home gym is a long-time “franchise player” in the fitness world, dating back to the days of the Nautilus machine in the 1970s.
A home gym features one or two weight stacks, along with fixed arms and hand grips to move the weights.
Movements on a home gym traditionally follow a set plane, such as military press for shoulders, bench press for chest or leg extensions.
Home Gyms are great for beginners as they are generally regarded to be easier to use, but they can also benefit experienced lifters. They can be a good complement to lifting with free weights because home gyms will keep you on a controlled lift and do a good job of isolating specific body parts.

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