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A treadmill might not seem like that important a piece of equipment to have in your home, but when you really look at all they can do it’s well worth the investment.
Whether you go with brands like Landice, Life Fitness, Vision Fitness, AFG, LifeSpan Fitness, SportsArt, Sole Treadmills, HealthRider. ProForm or some other, treadmills pay off their investment in no time compared to going to a health club.
Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a treadmill to your home:
1. Most popular choice – Treadmills are the top selling home exercise machine so that in itself demonstrates that lots and lots people believe in them.
2. Comfort factor – One of the best attributes is that you can work out with a treadmill where, when and how you want to. Set up the treadmill in front of a TV and watch your favorite show, place a book or magazine on its rack or play the home stereo while you walk or run.
By working out in the privacy of your own home, you don’t have to worry about walking outside and having people in the neighborhood staring as they drive by.
Some people feel more comfortable at home than exercising in a health club gym, either.
3. Get a great workout – You can also get an outstanding workout on a treadmill. Walk, run or mix in both for as long or short a workout as you want. Walking is excellent for your circulation, and boosts metabolism. Running also boost metabolism and suppresses your appetite as well. Combined with healthy eating, how much cardio activity you do and other factors like age and weight, you could lose 2-4 pounds a week after starting a treadmill walking program.
4. Options, options, options – Treadmills are easy to program and keep track of your workout. You can control the time, speed, incline of the walk or run and also log how many calories you’ve burned.
For intermediate fitness programs you can start working in interval training – going harder for several minutes at a time, backing off the pace and then quickening the walk or run on a repeated cycle.
5. Try it first – One of the most important tips I can offer prior to buying workout equipment is to purchase something you’ll use.
I can tell you that people who have treadmills get as much use out of them as any workout equipment on the market.
Many people with gym memberships don’t get there enough to get their money’s worth. Bring a pair of gym shoes to the fitness store and try out the treadmill in person.

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