Great deal on a great rowing machine: LifeCore R100

Rowing machines may not be the most glamorous or commonly discussed piece of equipment in a gym, but they can give you one of the best workouts possible.
Rowing machines can provide a tremendous cardio workout that’s low-impact on the joints and ligaments as far as wear and tear goes.
Regular exercise on a rowing machine can help you lose weight, have a healthier heart, build all-around muscle and even reduce stress.
Best of all, because it’s a low-impact exercise, people of all ages can benefit from a rowing machine.
One of my favorite rowing machines is on sale right now at At Home Fitness.
The LifeCore Fitness R100 Rower is usually priced at $1,299, but is available through right now for $1,099 with the instant rebate offered.
This LifeCore rowing machine is ranked as one of the best on the market and features an incredibly smooth, fluid motion no matter what difficulty setting or program you’re using.
The LifeCore Fitness R 100 features one of the most comfortable seats you’ll ever find on a rower and free motion heel supports.
The magnetic design can provide resistance that will challenge even the strongest of people.
There are 16 levels of Magnetic Resistance as well as 15 Preset Programs The rower also features an adjustable cooling air vent, ergonomically designed handle and the angled foot. It even folds up for Storage and is rated for users weighing up to 600 pounds.

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