Guidelines To Home Fitness Equipment Research. Buyer Beware!

How do you really know which fitness equipment is right for you? Below, you will find simple guidelines to quality home fitness equipment research.

It should seem simple; you want to buy home fitness equipment so you begin your research online to get a feel for what is out there. You want to buy home fitness equipment of great quality and great value. You begin at GOOGLE and type in treadmill reviews or elliptical reviews and wait for the results. You soon run into the paid solicitations’ websites. Some of these sites claim to be fitness equipment service sites or home fitness equipment review sites‘ who just happen to spend hours on end, out of the kindness of their hearts, reviewing all different brands of home fitness equipment so you can have an unbiased review. It soon becomes very difficult to decipher all of the information available to you over the internet. The waters become even cloudier when you begin reading these seemingly unbiased reviews on home fitness equipment. You may think that you are receiving s valuable, unbiased opinion but, what are you really looking at? In many cases, you are actually looking at sites that are owned by a manufacturer or reviews that have been bought.

Numerous websites on the internet that claim to offer legitimate rankings and reviews are actually nothing more than paid solicitations. These are websites that actually receive monetary contributions from a manufacturer in exchange for positive reviews. Buyer beware!! The top brands in this industry such as; Landice Treadmills, Octane Ellipticals and Horizon Fitness always dominate the real ratings and review guides. They are unwilling to pay fake website companies tens of thousands of dollars to push their product. These top manufacturers don’t need fake ratings for their products to be successful. So, out of spite, these fitness equipment review websites give brands like these very negative reviews. Reviews such as:

If you buy this elliptical with we have a deal for you. Several years ago we sold Tennessee magic rocks for $100 each. We now have the SUPERTennessee magic rock for only $999. It cures cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, toe fungus, bad breath, and guarantees the seller will have giggles for the rest of their natural lives.

It’s amazing to many because what companies like these are claiming; the actual fitness industry has documented proof of the exact opposite! Manufacturers like Octane Ellipticals have been the #1 most popular elliptical in the specialty fitness industry for the last 3 years. Manufactures like Landice Treadmills, who have been the #1ratedtreadmill overall, 4 years in a row by Consumer Reports with a perfect score. These online home fitness review sites should be under investigation for extortion and slander for misrepresenting the manufacturer’s products and for misleading the general public.

Think about this for a second, if you are looking at a website that supposedly features unbiased home fitness equipment reviews and nothing else, what is their motivation? They do these reviews because it is a significant source of income for them. Some manufacturers who need help selling their lower quality product will gladly pay money for higher reviews and ratings. For this reason, the only creditable home fitness equipment research is through sources that actually print and sell their reviews through newsstands, supermarkets and subscriptions. These legitimate review magazines make their money through advertisers and subscriptions. The have a reputation to uphold and if their reviews are inaccurate, their customer base will decline quickly. Examples of these are Consumers Report, Runners World, Gear Trends and Consumer Digest.

Now, truly the most significant and most creditable ratings for home fitness equipment research always come from inside the fitness industry. Reviews that can not be bought and paid for by the manufacturers. Reviews from SNEWS and Gear Trends are two of the most creditable sources for proper guidelines for your research. These sources annually poll every fitness retail company in the U.S and ask the important questions such as: What is your best selling treadmill, elliptical or home gym? Questions like, Who is the best/worst manufacturer to work with? These findings will give actual inside industry facts that are voted on by professions from the fitness industry. Also, reviews such as Runners World and Consumer Reports also give honest, unbiased reviews. It is of the utmost importance that when you do your home fitness equipment research you are truly looking at honest reviews and not paid for endorsements.

Remember, anyone can buy a review; very few manufacturers can actually earn a top pick in the real world.