Hiring the Perfect Personal Trainer

Do you need a little help with planning the perfect workout routine to fit your needs?  Or, perhaps you need someone to help keep you motivated to complete your workout on a regular basis.  Whatever your reasoning, you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer to help you with the workout process.  But, before you hire someone to give you assistance with your exercise plans, be certain to know what type of trainer you should hire.

Make Sure He Knows His Stuff

You obviously don’t want to hire a personal trainer who is not current in the latest research in the fitness industry.  In addition, you don’t want to hire someone who is stuck in old fashioned ways of thinking.  One telltale sign that you shouldn’t work with a trainer is if you are a woman and the trainer tells you not to include weight lifting in your routine.  The reality is that weight lifting is necessary for both men and women to stay healthy and in shape.

Don’t Follow a Dangerous Plan

While a personal trainer should help push you to your fullest abilities, he or she should never advise you to do something that is dangerous for your health.  For example, you should never cut your calorie intake to dangerous levels.  Cutting back may be a good idea, but make certain you are still following a healthy and nutritious diet.  Similarly, don’t work with someone who tries to push you too hard.  If you are in pain after you have completed your training session, your trainer is likely making you overdo it – which means you may be doing more harm than good to your body.

Make Her Do Her Job

If you are hiring a personal trainer, she should be prepared to do more than stand behind you and yell while you are lifting weights.  Your trainer should develop a program that is personalized to your body, your lifestyle and your goals.  As such, she should also be tracking your progress from the beginning to end.  Not only does this help you see how far you have come, the information should also be used to help tweak your program to get the best results.

To make certain you get a qualified trainer who is worth the expense, make certain to check into his or her certifications and references.  This way, you will be certain to get a great experience – and workout – when you work with your trainer.

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