How does your workout compare to President Obama?

President Obama Workout

President Obama Workout

Anyone who’s ever seen video clips of President Barack Obama playing basketball, or the shirtless pictures of the Prez on the beach that recently surfaced, can tell that he makes fitness a priority.
But just how does Obama stay so fit as he approaches age 50?
A “Men’s Health” magazine article included these tidbits about Obama’s workout regimen before he was sworn in as president
* Tries to work out six times a week, usually in the mornings
* Loves to play pick-up basketball games whenever he can. Assessing his game, Obama said he can “drive left but gets pushed around in the paint.”
* Uses workouts as a stress reliever. Follows a routine and thinks without interruption. Listens to his iPod or reads the newspaper while on the treadmill or Stairmaster.
* Aims for 90-minute workouts. Alternates between two days of cardio with four days of weight training. Equipment used includes stationary bicycle, elliptical machine and treadmill.
* Tries to adapt to keep exercising while on the road, working in aerobic and strength training with whatever equipment is available.

As president it’s likely thrown a limit at times into how long he can work out at times, but Barack and Michelle Obama are still excellent proponents of physical fitness. They have also worked hard with programs designed to prevent childhood obesity.
And now that you’ve seen a few insights into Obama’s fitness routine, you too can set up a workout plan fit for a President.

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