How to find the right elliptical

Elliptical machines are one of the most popular workout machines that can be found in the gym.
Usually not as hard on the joints as running, elliptical machines can still give an excellent cardio workout. You can go for low-impact exercise or faster-paced, depending on your needs.
When it comes to ellipticals, many of the same buying tips that come into play with treadmills should be considered.
Do your research and put a lot more stock in elliptical reviews found in print magazines or newspapers than online.
Try the ellipticals out in the store and use them how you’d exercise to find out if you like them.
Pay particular attention to the track path you’ll follow on the workout. While ellipticals do limit pounding on the knees and joints, on the flip side you are locked in to follow the pattern of the elliptical.
If the motion is off for your body it can mess you up. It’s like trying to run in high heels — something that’s completely off your normal stride.
So make sure the elliptical track is one that feels comfortable for your body.
Tomorrow I’ll talk about some of the different options available for elliptical machines, ranging from high-end, to mid-range to entry level.

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