Ideas for people who don’t like to exercise: Part III

Today concludes our look at ways to make exercising more fun. Here are five more ideas, highlighted by tips for changing up your workouts and setting goals.
1. Cross train – If you can’t stand being on the treadmill for a long time, mix up your cardio workouts. Maybe jump on the exercise bike for 10 minutes, then go to the stair-stepper for 10 minutes and finally wrap up the workout with 10 minutes on the treadmill.
Try a vibration machine such as the 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine.
You won’t be doing any one thing long enough to get board.
2. Change your thinking – Instead of dreading exercise, focus on how beneficial it is to your body.
If you give it a chance, after a while exercising can become addictive.
3. Buy something that makes you feel good – Get a new pair of running shoes or workout outfit to reward yourself for working out.
4. Set a goal – Some people have a hard time working out for no particular purpose.
Perhaps setting a goal of running a 5K race, getting in shape for an adult softball league or simply being able to walk two miles without stopping would be goals that could challenge you to exercise consistently.
5. Sign up for an exercise class – Whether you sign up for a class by yourself or with a friend, being around others who are also trying to get fit and socializing with them may make it more fun.

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