If the shoe fits … women’s health will greatly benefit

Proper shoes and that fit properly greatly benefit bodies in motion.
In speaking with a female fitness trainer lately about common injuries or complaints, she said women often run into problems because of their footwear.
Fashion forward ladies with several pairs of three-or-more inch heals in their shoe collection may not realize how they disrupt healthy function of the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.
When the center of gravity is displaced anticipate twisted ankles, falls, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.
If you’re a slave to fashion, keep reading.
This is your chance for more shoe shopping! On the days when you’re out and about switch out some of your daring heals with a one-inch pump that has good arch support.
When it’s time to hit the gym make sure you have the right support.
There are still a few shoe departments out there with knowledgeable staff to help you get sized and paired with the right footwear.
Once you know what you need you can shop online for future purchases. Support your feet the right way, whether it’s on a hot date or a hot day at the gym.

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