Increase your performance with a functional trainer

Functional training is a type of exercise that involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.
While traditional weightlifting exercises usually target only one muscle for each exercise, functional training targets multiple body parts.
Emerging originally as a way for people to train for specific athletic movements and rehab patients to target specific movements, functional training is now a mainstream way to exercise.
Among the benefits of functional training are building strength, improving coordination, balance and range of motion, and increasing endurance.
Functional training allows people to work their muscles on different planes and to improve strength in stabilizer muscles.
Whereas strength training machines must follow pre-set planes and angles, functional training allows for a variety of real-life movements.
Among the leading makers of functional trainers are Inspire, Torque, Hoist, Life Fitness and Vectra.
If you haven’t tried a functional trainer, test one out at a specialty fitness store near you such as At Home Fitness.
They are a tremendous way to increase your fitness and strength level in ways you use your muscles every day.

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