Increasing Physical Activity Yields Great Results

If you are trying to lose weight and if you have a BMI that is higher than 30, which is considered to be clinically obese, research has shown that you should focus more on increasing the amount of exercise you get on a regular basis rather than on “dieting.”  This is not to say that you shouldn’t take steps to eat in a more healthy manner, but denying yourself from all of your favorite treats or starving yourself on a regular basis is not necessary.  In fact, you could be doing more harm than good.

According to one study, which examined 62 women between the ages of 24 and 55 who had a BMI of more than 30, working out for four hours per week combined with making more educated meal choices helped these women get into much better shape.  Although they only lost a small amount of weight during the course of the study, the researchers reported that the women were “significantly fitter” afterward and that their heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels fell.  They also found that the women’s respiratory fitness levels increased while their stress levels decreased and their self-perception improved. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t concentrate on your eating habits while trying to improve your level of fitness.  After all, eating a healthy diet will help speed up the process of losing body fat while also boosting the health benefits to your heart and other major organs.  What it does mean, however, is that even increasing your physical activity levels by just a few hours per week, you can significantly improve your health.  With the wide range of fitness equipment Arizona residents have to select from at AtHomeFitness, increasing your level of physical activity will be easier than you thought!