Keeping Germs at Bay in Gyms

If you are considering joining a gym rather than setting up your own at home workout equipment, one thing you need to consider is germs.  Gyms are germ havens, as there are literally hundreds of bodies using the gym equipment each week at most gyms.  In addition, with all of the user’s sweating and creating a heated atmosphere, germs and other nasty microbes are able to thrive.  Of course, the best way to avoid dealing with germs is to set up your own personal at home gym.  But, if you are going to be heading to the gym, consider following these steps to keep yourself healthy.

Get Washing

One of the easiest ways to avoid spreading germs is to wash your hands before working out.  In fact, if everyone would wash his or her hands before working out, germs would be far less of a concern.  It also helps rid your hands of any germs you may have picked up while entering the gym and getting dressed, which will help reduce your chances of getting sick.

Watch What You Touch

Even after washing your hands, they will still come in contact with a great deal of exercise equipment.  As a result, you will be picking up additional germs.  Obviously, you aren’t going to wash your hands every 10 minutes in order to keep the germs at bay.  Still, you can slow down the spread of germs by keeping them away from your face as you work out.  Your nose, eyes and mouth are all particularly sensitive areas, as viruses often choose these openings for entering the body. 

Disinfect Your Space

If you are really feeling concerned about the germs you might pick up at the gym, you may want to bring disinfectant spray or wipes.  Before sitting on a piece of equipment or otherwise handling the equipment, simply spray or wipe it down in order to get rid of the germs.  If you don’t see a need to take things this far, but you still want to wipe away sweat from the previous user, bring one towel for wiping sweat off your body and another for wiping down equipment before you use it.

Protect Your Feet

Believe it or not, your feet are at greater risk than most other parts of your body when it comes to getting sick at the gym.  This is because athletes foot can be spread quite easily in the shower.  If you plan on showering off after your workout, wear shower shoes in the shower to keep your feet protected.

If you want to completely avoid picking up germs from other users, creating your own gym is your best option.  Not only will this keep germs away, it also makes your workout more convenient.  After all, you can workout any time you want – and you can get cleaned up afterward in your own shower!