Lacing Your Shoes to Match Your Feet

Did you know that there are actually specific ways you should lace up your running shoes before you hit the treadmill?  By paying attention to your foot type and lacing your running shoes according to your foot type, you will be better able to meet the specific needs of your foot.  Not only will this help you get the most out of your workout, it will also help prevent injury to your feet as well as other parts of your body that rely upon getting proper foot support – which is nearly every joint and muscle in your body!

Lacing for a Regular Foot

Very few people actually have what would be considered to be a “regular” foot, which is why getting shoes that are comfortable can be a challenge for many people.  If you are one of the lucky ones that does have a “normal” foot, however, you can simply lace your shoes with the traditional crisscross method and you should be just fine.  The best way to lace up with the crisscross method is to work your way up the shoe with your laces alternating crossing over each other.

Lacing for the Wide Foot

Lacing up for a wide foot requires leaving more room in your shoe for your foot to breathe.  To give your foot the extra space it needs, start lacing your shoes by going up the sides first and then crisscrossing once you get closer to the top.

Lacing for the Narrow Foot

If you have a narrow foot, you will need to make the shoe a bit tighter so it will provide the support you need.  One way to do this is to double the laces when you get halfway up the shoe.  You can also use the loop lacing lock.  In order to do this, you will need to lace your shoes with the crisscross method first.  Then, after lacing through the top holes in your shoes, run the ends of the laces back through the holes you just put them through in order to create a loop on the side of your shoe.  Now, you can lace the loose ends of your strings through the loops on the opposite sides of the shoes and pull them tight for a very tight fit.

Lacing for the Narrow Heel

Having narrow heels can be particularly problematic because it can cause slippage with your shoes.  Similar to those with narrow feet, you can make your shoes snugger by lacing your shoes with the crisscross method and then using the loop-lacing lock on the last eyelet.

If you aren’t sure about your foot type, talk to an expert at a running shoe store.  He or she should be able to help you find the shoe that will provide you with the best fit while also helping you explore various lacing methods so you can find the one that is best for you.