Lack of money doesn’t mean your strength should go belly up

Just because your budget is extremely tight doesn’t mean your strength level should go belly up.
There are lots of ways to stay fit while working out on your own and save the high price of being a member of a health club, or stocking a home gym.
For strength conditioning, a few simple accessories can be purchased cheaply and combined with your own know-how and dedication to keep you as fit as anyone at a gym.
The extremely popular P90X workout program makes great use of Stretch Tubes that are used for resistance training.
Stretch Tubes offer resistance that allow you to do most of the lifts possible on expensive machines, such as triceps extensions, biceps curls, rows and squats but at a fraction of the cost. Stretch Tubes are available from At Home Fitness for just $39.99.
To further enhance your workout, an exercise ball ($39.99) is highly recommended. They are not only the best way to do sit-ups, but can also be used for a variety of other exercises.
Power Blocks will cost anywhere from $149-$399, but can give you an all-in-one, easy-to-use accessory that will replace an entire dumbbell set at a fraction of the price and space requirement.
And of course there’s always the good, old-fashioned push-up, sit-up or dip bar to use your own body weight to build strength and muscle mass.
So don’t use lack of money as a reason to not work out anymore. For just a few hundred dollars or less, you can get the same results as someone with a multi-thousand dollar home gym or membership to a plush health club.
Click on this link below, or paste in your browser, to view a complete list of the strength and conditioning accessories available for shipment today from At Home Fitness:

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