Landice: The Best Treadmill You Can Own.

If you are someone who wants to own the best, when it comes to treadmills the industry standard is Landice.
Landice has been the No. 1-rated Treadmill seven years in a row with a perfect score. Landice also has the best warranty in the business.
At Home Fitness in Arizona and their online headquarters is your one-stop source for great deals on Landice equipment.
Let the At home Fitness professionals explain to you the different options available for Landice when it comes to top of the line motors, superior electronics panels, and solid, long lasting construction.
People might be surprised to learn they can mix and match treadmill features even at the elite level.
Landice offers two different sized frames (L7 and L8) and four different electronic boards (pro trainer, pro sports trainer, cardio trainer and the top of the line executive trainer) to select from.
So even if you want the top-end frame, you could save about $700-800 depending on what electronic board you decide to go with.
Here’s a look at some of the high-end Landice models that rank atop nearly all fitness rankings in the industry:
* The Landice L8 LTD Executive Trainer contains the most features to be found in the L8 LTD series. In addition to its computer-animated display, it offers additional fitness tests to help you push your body to a whole new level.
* The Landice L8 LTD Treadmill Cardio Trainer helps you move your workout to a whole new level by including a special Landice treadmills motivational display. You can also set your own goals, create your own programs, and take your choice of three different fitness tests. The wireless chest strap and the AccuTrack heart-rate monitoring systems are both included.
* The Landice L7 Club Treadmill Pro Trainer offers a simplified control panel for users who wish to set their own pace.
Runners World Magazine published the results of their customer satisfaction survey of over 2000 readers who owned or used a treadmill at health clubs or corporate fitness gyms.
The readers were asked to rate the treadmills on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating. The following is a list of the top results:
Men’s Journal also rated Landice high, giving them the “Gear of the Year Award.” The magazine reported: “Looking to the automotive world for inspiration, Landice created a treadmill with the brushed aluminum finish of an Audi TT, the round, red-and-white analog gauges of a ’55 T-bird, and the audio console of a Lexus SC 430. Under the hood it’s powered by a 3 hp engine that exceeds health club standards and pushes its top speed to 12 mph – a very respectable pace.”
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