LeMond Fitness brings elite innovation to stationary exercise bikes

Greg LeMond is one of the greatest names in cycling history and the three-time Tour de France winner has brought his passion for fitness and innovation to commercial and home gyms with the LeMond Fitness line.
The LeMond Fitness lineup of recumbent, upright and spinner bikes offer phenomenal quality for commercial or home gyms.
Here’s a look at the LeMond Fitness exercise bikes available through At Home Fitness:
* Lemond Revmaster Sport — Combines the high quality features of the original Lemond RevMaster with the traditional handlebar – making it their most affordable model. Not only does the RevMaster Sport give you a terrific workout, it’s fun to ride – with easy adjustments to the seat and handlebars to make your workout comfortable and effective.
At Home Fitnessale Price: $1,299.00
* Lemond Revmaster Pro — The next generation LeMond RevMaster offers some great upgrades to the classic model. For maximum riding comfort, the new narrower crank design replicates the geometry of a great road bike. New Cam handles and increased adjustment ranges to seat and handlebars create the best custom fit available and gives you greater muscle involvement. The 4-way microfit also lets you cycle in an upright position or pedal stretched out and low, which is ideal for triathletes. Improved corrosion resistance by using electroless nickel plating and a new 2 piece bottom bracket cartridge make the RevMaster Pro even easier to maintain and service – with most components pre-assembled.
AHF Sale Price: $1,599.00
* Lemond G Force UT Upright Bike — LeMond at long last has designed a line of exercise bikes designed like great road bikes. Just imagine if all road bikes were the same size and you could only adjust the height of the seat. Think of how uncomfortable that would be for different sized riders. The same is true for exercise bikes – to get a great workout, you first need to make sure the bike fits the person riding it. Not rocket science, but until now exercise bikes have been built with the wrong rider assumption that one size fits all. This is the first exercise bike you can adjust to fit you. A seat that not only goes up and down but also slides fore and aft. Handlebars that can be adjusted too. Four critical adjustments that insure your workout will not only be more effective, it will be comfortable and feel good too. Add a narrower, more natural pedal width, ergonomic handlebars which allow different hand positions, a standard seat post which can accommodate any road bike seat, and a wider base so you can even pedal out of the saddle – and you begin to see why the g-force UT performs like a great road bike. With 13 custom workout programs, including three for heart rate training, the Lemond Fitness g-force UT not only feels great to ride, you have exceptional workout options. How could you settle for anything less?
* Lemond G Force RT Recumbent Bike —Every aspect of the Lemond g-force RT recumbent bike is designed to provide the best workout possible. Whether you are a serious athlete or a home fitness enthusiast, the quality of the g-force RT will be evident from the very start. Furthermore, with its extra features, the g-force RT makes getting a workout simpler.
AHF Sale Price: $2,799.00