Let exercising with your partner help spark Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show your special someone how much you care by giving the gift of fitness. Make plans to enjoy a fun, healthy experience this Feb. 14.

It’s a proven fact that couples and families who exercise together not only strengthen their bodies, but their relationships.
There are lots of things you could do to enjoy fitness fun this Valentine’s Day.

You could make plans to go to your health club together, or exercise in the comfort of your own home.
Perhaps you could go to a specialty fitness store and invest in an item such as a treadmill or elliptical machine so that you can exercise together year-round.

For a healthy Valentine’s fitness date, consider going swimming together, walking or jogging side-by-side, or winter sports such as ice skating or skiing.

If you don’t regularly exercise with your significant other, perhaps a fun Valentine’s Day workout will get you in the mood to work out together more often.

In may cases, exercising together has been found to improve relationships.

Of course, don’t just plan a Valentine’s Day exercise date! You better do something else, too, like get a card, gift, etc.
However, a fun time exercising with the one you love could set the mood for even more fun later.

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