Lose Weight by Drinking More Water

If you are looking for a way to shed a few pounds, one simple step you can take to bring own your weight is to simply drink more water.  The reality is that many of us are carrying around some excess weight simply because our bodies are retaining water. Therefore, in order to get rid of this extra water, you will actually need to drink more of it.

Although it sounds a bit strange, the reasoning behind it actually makes a lot of sense. Just as your body will go into “survival mode” and hang onto excess calories if you don’t eat enough each day, it will hang onto an excessive amount of water if you don’t get enough to drink each day. Therefore, in order to encourage your body to release the water that it is hanging onto, you need to drink more water so your body doesn’t feel the need to hang onto the water that it has.

Of course, drinking plenty of water each day will do more than just help you shed those water weight pounds. It will also help keep your appetite in check while also flushing out toxins. In addition, by keeping your body well-hydrated, drinking plenty of water will also prevent sagging from occurring and will even help you maintain your muscle tone.

Although there are no hard fast rules regarding how much water you should drink per day, a general rule of thumb is to drink eight 8 ounce glasses each day. Of course, if you are exercising or if you are spending time out in the hot Arizona sun, you might need to drink even more water in order to keep your body properly hydrated. If you aren’t sure how much water is right for you, you might want to discuss it with your doctor. This way, you can be certain you are getting enough to live a healthy lifestyle while also washing away those extra pounds.

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