Lose weight week: Five eating tips

This week I’ll present simple tips to lose weight in my At Home Fitness blogs. Today, here’s a look at how just changing the way you eat can help you lose weight.

Did you know that there some simple changes in the way you eat that can help you lose weight?
Sometimes it’s not what you eat, but how you eat that’s packing on extra calories.
It takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to register “fullness,” so with that in mind try to slow down your eating. Here are five tips to do that:
1. Put your fork down between bites – One of the best ways to slow down the eating process is to put your utensils down between bites. OK maybe you won’t do it every bite, but think about this rule and at least every other bite put your fork down while you chew. If you’re dining with others, talk some between bites, too. Don’t be so anxious to shovel in the next bite.
2. Play relaxing music – This will actually help calm you down and encourage leisurely chewing. Stress-related chewing is not a good way to eat slowly.
3. Watch your portion size – While it is good to eat with others and can slow down your chewing, it can also backfire if you lose track of your portions. Make sure to keep track of your portion sizes.
4. Use a smaller knife – Believe it or not, this actually works. When it comes to spreading butter or cream cheese on a bagel of toast, if you use a smaller knife you’ll be more conscious of how much you put on your knife. And you’ll use less.
5. Chew more – This seems so simple, like a mom would tell a kid, but many people don’t take those few extra bites that are so crucial. If you chew your food a little longer you’ll actually enjoy it more by allowing the food’s aroma to register, while also taking another step to slow down the eating process. It will also improve digestion.