Manager’s minute: Jaime Janman from At Home Fitness – Scottsdale

At Home Fitness store manager Jaime Janman stands on the brand new Octane Zero Runner. The Michigan native said she enjoys working for AHF because the company "really cares about its employees and customers."

At Home Fitness-Scottsdale store manager Jaime Janman stands on the brand new Octane Zero Runner. The Michigan native said she enjoys working for AHF because the company “really cares about its employees and customers.”

Note: This is the second in a series in which At Home Fitness’ store managers share information about their fitness backgrounds and stores they operate and offer tips for people considering buying equipment.

Name: Jaime Janman
Store you manage: At Home Fitness Scottsdale (6969 E Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ 85254 — it’s on the SW corner of 70th St./Shea). Also the Regional Sales Manager for AHF.
Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
What’s your fitness/athletic background?
“I played Soccer through high school and have always remained active since. I hike outside when the weather permits. There is nothing I like better than throwing on a TV show and working out on my elliptical, it makes me feel less like a couch potato but I still get my ‘me’ time.”
What do you like most about working for At Home Fitness?
“I love working for At Home Fitness because this company really cares about its employees and customers. We always put the customer first and will go above and beyond to make our customers happy. Our sales teams is always friendly and knowledgeable. You can shop at any At Home Fitness store and enjoy a pressure-free environment to try out the best equipment in the industry.”
Can you tell us about your particular store?
“The Scottsdale location is one of At Home Fitness’ biggest showrooms with over 100 different Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals and Home Gyms to try before you buy. Our fitness experts can fit you to a variety of equipment to find the perfect item for your needs.”
What tips do you have for people shopping at a specialty fitness store?
“Too many people focus on the price of equipment instead of the functionality of the equipment. You get what you pay for with fitness equipment. The best piece for you is the one you will actually use. A better quality piece of equipment is more comfortable and reliable. It will provide a better workout, last longer, and have a higher re-sell
value than a low end item can.”
What are some of the most popular items in your store?
“Vibration machines are one of our most popular items and one of my favorite to use personally. I am also a big fan of Functional Trainer gyms – I use them for toning and keeping my metabolism up.”
What’s your favorite type of fitness equipment to use and why?
“I love doing assisted pull-up’s on a functional trainer, it makes me feel so strong when I can do 10 in a row! I use the vibration machines daily for stretching and they actually really help with my allergies believe it or not!”
What equipment is an underrated part of a gym?
“I find a lot of people, women especially, only focus on the cardio equipment and neglect their strength training. I think women fear using weights will make their muscles too big and bulky, but really adding strength training to your workout routine will burn more calories, increase bone density, and make you leaner when done correctly.”

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