Manager’s minute: Tony Baird from At Home Fitness – Gilbert

At Home Fitness-Gilbert store manager Tony Baird shows off a Nexersys Interactive Striking Trainer, while an Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer is pictured on the right.

At Home Fitness-Gilbert store manager Tony Baird shows off a Nexersys Interactive Striking Trainer, while an Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer is pictured on the right.

Note: This is the first in a series in which At Home Fitness’ store managers share information about their fitness backgrounds and stores they operate and offer tips for people considering buying equipment.

Name: Tony Baird
Store you manage: At Home Fitness – Gilbert (2810 S. Market St., Gilbert, AZ 85295)
Hometown: Clio, Michigan
What’s your fitness/athletic background?
“I have always enjoyed being active. My favorite sport to play is golf. I am proud to be a scratch golfer, although I play just about everything for fun. I have a bachelors degree in Physical Education as well.
What do you like most about working for AHF?
“The friendliness of my co-workers. At Home Fitness has a great group of people, always there for each other when in need.”
Can you tell us about your particular store?
“At Home Fitness in Gilbert is a great location, with a customer base that is friendly more often than not. We are the smallest of our stores, but AHF Gilbert makes up for its lack of size with an inviting and comfortable feel when you walk in. And, despite being a little smaller than the other showrooms, AHF Gilbert never feels crowded or tight. One of the best things about AHF Gilbert is the return and referral clientele, always friendly, like they have known us for years – and some of them have!”
What tips do you have for people shopping at a specialty fitness store?
“Try things out. Getting a feedback is key, everyone is different so what feels good for me may not work for you. Also, let the consultant helping you, well, help you. Don’t think the question that just popped into your head is a bad one, chances are we’ve heard it before, and there is a reason for that, it’s legit, so ask us.”
What are some of the most popular items in your store?
“I see a good number of strength trainers here in Gilbert, and because of this I have seen big popularity in the Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer. Also the 3G Cardio brand has been very popular as of late, with the ever popular AVT Vibration Trainers, and the recently released Pro and Elite Treadmills. These treads have gotten great reviews and feedback so far, adding to the already great feedback on the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill.”
What are some of the best current deals at your store?
“Currently I have a few specials on floor models, like my Landice L880 Executive Trainer Treadmill, and the Nexersys Interactive Striking Trainer. Another reason for the popularity of the new 3G Cardio Treadmills is the great value for the price.”
What’s your favorite type of fitness equipment to use and why?
“Recently, I loved using the above mentioned Nexersys trainer, but I regularly love working out with the functional trainers, especially the Inspire FT2. Yesterday I did dead-lifts using the FT2’s built in Smith Cage it was great!”
What equipment is an underrated part of a gym?
“I think functional trainers are very underutilized pieces for at home gyms. They offer the biggest variety of strength training choices, small foot prints, and for most people, that extra bit of boost when it comes to calorie burn. Most people aren’t aware of it, but outside of using Vibration Training, adding strength training to a cardio workout is the best way to burn calories. Functional Trainers also allow people to work on the everyday strength they need, not just the sports and glamour muscles of the past.”
At Home Fitness Gilbert store manager Tony Baird can be contacted at (480)-855-6044 or

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