More suggestions to improve your run

Continuing with my basic running tips, here are five more suggestions to get you moving better than ever.
1. The trimmer you are, the easier it will be to run. Losing weight and
running often go hand in hand and if you’re lighter it will be easier to run.
2. If you don’t like carrying water with you, bring some cash or change in
pocket and stop at a halfway point during an outside run and buy some
water or a sports drink if there’s a place available on your route. This place
may also be a good location to take a bathroom break.
3. Get plenty of carbs in your system the day before a big run or race.
4. Chaffing can be a problem sometimes, with sweat and clothing rubbing
together to cause irritation. A great solution to that is to purchase proper
fitting clothing geared toward running. Also you can apply Vaseline or
BodyGlide to specific areas chaffing occurs if it persists.
5. There’s no shame in walking. If you’re running on a treadmill or outside and get overly tired, walk for a while and then if you feel up to it start running again. Also, do not run extremely challenging workouts on back-to-back days. Give yourself ample recovery time.

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