New parents shouldn’t forget to care for themselves

Some new moms, and dads, put on the “baby-weight” after the baby is born. The freedom to go to the gym, and having the time to grocery shop and prepare healthy meals is no longer so easy.
The first few weeks of sleep deprivation, adjusting to the newness of parenthood, and hormonal changes for mom may trigger emotional eating habits. Well-meaning family bring over cookies and casseroles to help out the new parents, and calories begin to add up while physical activity almost comes to a screeching halt.
At your baby’s 6-month doctor visit you notice you’ve been gaining weight right along with your growing bundle of joy. Don’t beat yourself up. Having a baby is an enormous life transition, but the beauty is you can get back on track. You are NOT stuck in the body you have now. If you want to be a fit and active parent, then put your sneakers on and get the stroller out. Start family walks while your baby is still in diapers. Pushing a stroller up and down hills, maneuvering up and over bumps in the road stimulates arm and core muscles. Walk like you mean it.
Demonstrate healthy eating early for your child. Your baby will notice all the bright colors in the produce department, and bring your baby into the kitchen as you are preparing your meals. Show them the green peppers and the red tomatoes before you slice and dice.
As parents you want to provide the best nutrition for your growing baby, but don’t forget to ask yourself how you can better fuel your body today.

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