New Vintage Weight Equipment website sure to be a hit with collectors and the curious

Vintage Weight Equipment

Vintage Weight Equipment

Most of my blogs for At Home Fitness deal with bringing loyal readers the latest cutting edge information on health and fitness.
However, today I want to take a step in the opposite direction and highlight a great website I’ve discovered that features antique weight equipment:

Anyone from collectors to the curious can see interesting vintage weightlifting equipment. You can also buy sell or trade vintage equipment on the site as well as leave a comment.

I love the design and easy to navigate setup of this website. After entering through the cover page, there are menus you can click on for Vintage Forum, Weight Plates, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, The Unusual and Buy-Sell-Trade.

Probably the most unique, best-looking and sought after weight plates are Zuver Hall of Fame plates and they are well-represented on

The largest ones come in 50, 100, 150 and an incredible 200 pounds! You can be 99 percent certain the 150 and 200 pound plates are the heaviest commercial plates ever made.

Another weight plate shown on the website is a 45-pound Cougar Weightlifting Club plate. Nothing is known about the plates or the club beyond the fact is was probably an East Coast club. The plates date back at least 50 years.

A pair of small early English dumbbells from 1907 are different from any people are familiar with today. Eustace Miles, the man whose name is on the dumbbells, is as interesting as the dumbbells themselves.

Going toward the other end sizewise is a Good dumbbell from the Good Barbell Company. This one is 31” long and the 12” bells can be loaded with sand, dirt or anything else that fits.

Needless to say, loaded it would be very heavy and not something many men could workout with.

The website creator-manager, Bob Dorksen, states on the site that it’s purpose is for fun and to promote the enjoyment and collecting of vintage weight equipment.
In addition to displaying items, Bob also encourages others to post pictures of their old weights and for viewers to interact with one another by commenting on the site. It’s also a place where items can be bought, sold or traded, although he points out that people wishing to do so must first register on the site (information is kept private). Email him at is a meeting place for collectors and does not receive money, nor is it liable for third-party transactions.

This is a site I’m pleased to have discovered and I hope many people get the chance to enjoy it like I do and check back regularly.

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