Nexersys Pro boxing machine spices up workouts

This is the fifth in a five-part series on the recently held Las Vegas Fitness Trade Show. Today, the Nexersys Boxing Machine is featured.

It’s sad to say, but exercise isn’t much fun for a lot of people. Many others would say working out is mildly enjoyable, but they wish they could find ways to make it more enjoyable. Even workout gurus are always looking for ways to make exercise more fun.
Enter the Nexersys Pro NXS-P boxing machine to spice up exercise, which offers a thoroughly enjoyable and unique cross-training experience.
The Nexersys Pro (NXS-P) lets you box for a workout and offers high-tech controls to monitor your performance.
It has an extremely durable design as well as touch-screen interaction and other features suitable for professional training. You can get a great high-intensity, interval training workout.
The NXS-P can

Nexersys Pro NXS-P offers the ultimate cross-training experience and is designed with the most serious athlete in mind.

allow multiple users to log in to use their personal preferences, settings and workout history. This machine is used by people ranging from MMA pros, NASCAR drivers, movie celebrities, to the couple next door.
The NXS-P comes with more than 100 training videos and 4-minute Avatar rounds to push the limits of your training.
I’ve seen a lot of different types of workout equipment, but the Nexersys Pro NXS-P boxing machine is one of the most unique and enjoyable to use.
They say exercise is a good way to release stress, and what better way could a person do that than to box a few rounds on the Nexersys Pro NXS-P boxing machine?

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