No More Excuses – Start Working Out!

Are you finding it difficult to motivate yourself to get on the treadmill or to hop on the elliptical?  If so, you aren’t alone!  In fact, there is a long list of excuses that are commonly used by those that can’t find the motivation to workout.  Do any of these excuses sound like you?

“Exercise is too boring”

No one said that exercising is going to be fun!  At the same time, if you take a few steps, you can actually make exercise a little more exciting.  For example, you can vary your routine so it is not the same day after day.  You might want to mix your routine with indoor activities as well as outdoor activities.  Also, don’t forget that a workout does not necessarily have to be spending time on a machine every day.  Rather, you can explore activities that allow you to be active in other ways.  Finding a group of friends and playing basketball or volleyball on a regular basis, for example, can make exercise more fun while also allowing you to spend some time with your friends.

“I don’t have time to exercise”

It is true that exercising does take some time.  But, let’s face it, anything that is worth doing in life is going to take some time.  So, one year from now, you can still be out of shape and unhappy with your appearance or you can put in the time and feel and look healthier.  With the help of some home gym equipment, you can also multitask.  Rather than sitting on the coach and watching your favorite shows each night, for example, you can workout while watching TV.

“I don’t have the energy to exercise”

After working a long, hard workday, you might not feel as if you have the energy to take on a workout.  But, once you start working out, you will find that you actually feel more energized after you complete your routine.  In addition, once you start working out a on regular basis, you likely won’t feel so drained at the end of the day.  After all, a healthy body is a happy body!

“It’s too expensive”

It is true that purchasing a gym membership and buying home gym equipment is not cheap.  But, purchasing equipment to use at home is a less expensive option.  Not only that, there are exercises you can do at home without exercise equipment if money is a factor. 

The reality is that there is no valid excuse to avoid exercising unless your doctor has advised you not to.  So, get out there and start working out and enjoy a healthier you!