Now’s the time for sport specific training

January is not just a great time for people on a New Year’s Resolution to change their fitness ways, but also for people to begin sport specific training programs to get them ready for the spring, summer and even fall.
If you participate in sports such as baseball/softball, golf, cycling, track, football, etc, this is your offseason.
And it’s the time to really increase your strength, stamina and flexibility to establish a base that will help carry you through the season.
Sure, you can follow a general workout plan and that will benefit you in your sport of choice.
However, tweaking those workouts to your sport of choice, such as emphasizing core stability for baseball and golf, power cleans to help explosiveness in football, or endurance drills for cycling will make you even better.
One piece of equipment that works very well is a functional trainer, which can mimic many exact moves of your sport.
Accessories such as Power Tubes can really help for stretching.
So as you fire up your workout program to start 2010, if you’re not doing so already research ideas to benefit your specific sport.
In the coming days, I will share some sports specific training tips to think about.

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