Power blocks / Dumbbell workout tips for chest

Are you looking to get more out of your power blocks and/or dumbbells?
This week I’ll offer some good workout tips to put those Pbs and Dbs to use. Today, we take a look at the chest.
DB/PB Bench press – If you’re not using power blocks or dumbbells to work out your chest you’re missing out on not only one of the best lifts for the pecs, but one of the safest.
The DB or PB presses involve the delts less that straight bar bench presses, thus emphasizing the chest muscles more. Try flat bench, incline or even dumbbell/power block presses.
To get the Dbs up into position, sit on the bench and hold a DB/PB in each hand at your side. Lean back onto the bench and hoist the Dbs up as you lay flat in the same motion. If you get up into higher weights, say 70 pounds, 80 or bigger Dbs or Pbs, you’ll learn to lay back and hoist them up in one fluid motion. Once laying down, power them up and squeeze your chest at the top and then lower in control. Breathe out as you power them up, breathe in on the way down.
Perform 10-12 reps.
* Tip – Once a week or every other week, work incline DB/PB presses and on some other days do them on a decline. They’ll work your chest in different ways. Another way to change things up is to do higher weight and less reps on occasion – for instance 100-pound DB/PB presses for 6-8 reps.
Flyes – These are an underrated lift that can do a lot more than just shape the chest as some people say. Flyes can really add strength and muscle to your chest.
Lay flat on the bench holding a DB or PB in each hand. Stretch your arms out to the side, with palms facing up and slightly bend at the elbows.
Pull your arms together above your chest as you keep tension on the pecs, pause for a squeeze at the top and then lower your arms as you breathe out on the way down. Keeping your arms slightly bent, lower to the point where your elbows are down to shoulder level before bringing your arms back up again for the next rep.
Perform 10-12 reps, starting with lighter weights until you get the form down.
* Tip – Don’t let your shoulders come forward as you bring the flyes to the upright position or it will put more emphasis on your shoulders muscle and less on the pec. Keep the arm angle in line with the chest.

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