Power Plate My3 Review

Power Plate My3 Review

Power Plate My3 Review

Power Plate My3 Review

Having spent most of my years around athletics, and more specifically strength and cardio training, not too many equipment advances surprise me anymore. But then I found something new, and had to write my Power Plate My3 Review.

I remember being highly impressed with the advent of elliptical machines hitting the market in the mid-1990s, but that was about it for “wow” moments until a few years ago when I started to learn about vibration training machines.

Vibration training is the fastest growing area of the fitness world and with good reason – these machines get results.

The company that’s really spearheaded the vibration machine phenomenon and been a leader in their production is Power Plate, which was founded in 1999 by Dutch Olympic Trainer Guus Van der Meer.

Vibration training has a multitude of health benefits and can help people of nearly all different ages and fitness level. I have written plenty about the benefits of vibration training and how it works, which you should be able to find with searches on the Internet, but the point of today’s blog is to review the Power Plate My3.

Having exercised on four models of the Power Plate, overall I am a huge fan of their machines. They rank with the very best in the business. However, the one machine I didn’t care for that much that Power Plate makes is the My3.

The My3 is a trim, efficient and economical way to bring vibration training into your own home or even apartment, but make sure you test it very carefully and compare with other models to make sure it‘s for you. While the My3 does provide a good amount of power for its vibrations, which involuntarily stimulate muscle contractions, the smaller plate (workout pad you use, aka footprint) did not give a comfortable or stable overall feel when I used it.

I felt the vibration was condensed into a small area and because the machine has just a “high” and “low” setting it was tough to get the right hertz power for my sets.

Finally, my absolute favorite workout to do on a vibration trainer is squat training, but I felt like the machine would tip over when I held onto the handle and leaned back into a squat position.

FINAL GRADE: C. At a price of $2,599, I recommend moving up to a bigger, sturdier model to enjoy the full benefits of vibration training. Once exception may be for some petite people, who this machine may very well feel fine for.

At Home Fitness is an official dealer of Power Plate.