Power Plate My5 Review

Power Plate My5

Power Plate My5

There are many here today, gone tomorrow fads in the exercise world. How many times did you use that ab-o-matic stomach exerciser that’s now buried somewhere in your garage?

However, vibration training is here to stay.

The biggest and best new thing to hit gyms since the elliptical trainer in the mid-1990s, I have been thoroughly impressed with the results I’ve attained working out on a vibration training machine and from benefits countless others have shared.

The leader in the vibration training movement has been Power Plate, although there are several other companies that have hit the market since that also make comparable products.

The MVP of Power Plate’s lineup is the Power Plate® My5, which is often sold in fitness retail stores.

A big step up from the My3 in terms of overall quality, sturdiness, feel and yes, price, the My5 has a solid base that allows for advanced exercise moves.

Compared to some of the vibration training machines I’ve tried, I really like the evenness of the way the vibrations feel coming through the base as you exercise. You can get a powerful, yet even feeling workout as the vibrations work your muscles much more thoroughly and safely than standard weight training.

As far as the bells and whistles go. I’d expect a little more advanced programming for the console at this price point, but all in all the My5 is still well worth the MSRP $4,699 if you can afford it.

As I’ve written in many other blogs on the subject, vibration training really is something that can benefit people of nearly all ages. It can help improve your overall health in many, many ways.

FINAL GRADE: B+. This machine is well worth the investment if you want to experience vibration training without paying commercial prices.

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