Running 101: Final tips to get where you want to be

Running 101 will conclude today with six random tips to help reach your goal, whether it’s simply to run a few miles a week, or enter a 5K or longer road race.
* Don’t skimp on the shoes – Buy running shoes from an actual running store and consult a trained specialist at that store to get ideas which shoe is right for you. Try on shoes later in day when your feet are a little bigger. Once out running, double-knot shoes so they don’t come untied and disrupt your workout.
* Start slow – If you’re a beginning runner, or getting back into it, build up slowly. Don’t overdo it early on! It will help you avoid injury and keep from getting discouraged. Try to improve a little each day or week.
If you’re overly tired, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with walking for a while and then starting to jog again.
* Set goals – Write down what you’d like to accomplish each week, month and by end of year. Keeping a training log can be a big help.
* Stay close to home – Early on, run on nearby courses you know well, and think about investing in a treadmill to train at home. Landice treadmills offer some of the best models available from high-end treadmills to intermediate models.
* Cross train – If you have the time and motivation, cross training with things like weightlifting, biking, swimming, etc., will make you a better runner.
* Measuring your distance – You can drive the road course you’re going to run and look at car odometer to see how far it is. To get a better idea and for off-road routes get a pedomoter. In case you didn’t know, four laps around a standard track like those found at your local high school or college equals one mile.
* Change things up – Don’t keep doing the same running workout. If you go for a longer distance one day, consider running a shorter, faster workout the next time out. Also, make sure to have rest days and don’t do extremely hard running workouts on back-to-back days.
Now that you have some pointers to think about, it’s time for your final exam in At Home Fitness Running 101: Go out and run the roads, trails, treadmills and-or tracks!

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