Seven tips to avoid catching a cold

Nothing can slow down a person’s workout routine, or daily lifestyle for that matter, faster than catching a cold or the flu.
Now that we’re entering the cold and flu season there are things you can do to help reduce your odds of catching a cold or flu. Here are 10 helpful tips.
1. Wash your hands often – Germs are all over the place, but proper hand-washing can greatly reduce how many will come in contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.
2. Take vitamins and minerals – Boost your immune system with daily supplements.
3. Take zinc regularly – One zinc pill each day will help boost the immune system and if you feel the onset of a cold take it three to five times a day. That can usually shorten the duration of the cold and lessen its severity.
4. Take vitamin C supplements – These also strengthen the immune system.
5. Get enough sleep – Make sure to get enough rest because when your sleep is reduced due to being overly busy or stressed, the immune system can be weakened.
6. Drink water and herbal tea – It’s important to stay properly hydrated year-round, but it’s even more important during flu season. Dehydration causes the majority of headaches and leads to congestion.
7. Exercise regularly – Exercise will boost the immune system by strengthening the cardiovascular and muscular systems.
Bonus tip: Take vitamins and supplements after eating to reduce chance of nausea.

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