Shape up for Spring Break: Celebrity Trainer Tips

No one has more pressure on them to look good in a bikini or Speedo than celebrities on vacation. What do the celebrity trainers advise their famous clients?
Here are some celebrity shape up tips that celebrity trainers provided for Harper’s Bazaar magazine:
* Ramona Braganza — “1. Don’t wait until the last minute to put on your bikini or shorts, take them out of the drawer and try them on now. This may motivate you to start a fitness plan today.
“2. Take your walk up to a workout simply by increasing the speed or distance, use a pedometer and track the steps and calories you burn all day long.
“3. Try leaving some of your meal when you eat out. A quarter of your plate can equal up to 100 calories!”
(Ramona Braganza has trained Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale and more and is the creator of 321 Training Method and 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone.)
* Tracy Anderson — “The best and the only way to feel secure and to get yourself bikini ready (especially if you haven’t been working out throughout the winter) is to start working out 4-6 days a week now. You need to get your body moving to pull all of your muscles together and tight. Losing circulation in your body in the winter is a huge disadvantage when getting ready for bikini season. All workouts are not created equal and one size does not fit all in fitness and nutrition.”
(Tracy Anderson has trained Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna among others. She is the creator of Metamorphosis, a 90-day personalized fitness and nutrition program.)
* Ary Nunez — “Do not eat starches with proteins in the same meal, and always remember to “go green” — eat all the green leafy things you can lay your hands on.”
(Ary Nunez is a fitness expert and celebrity trainer to clients including Rihanna, for more information go to
* Harley Pasternak — “Do 30 minutes of cardio in addition to the following moves fto achieve a killer bikini body: Reverse lunge, Single leg deadlift, Bent over reverse flies, Curl press (biceps/shoulders), Overhead tricep bar extension.”
(Harley Pasternak is an author and celebrity trainer who has worked with Halle Berry, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox and more. For more information go to
* Gregg Miele — “Lose the gut and double up. There are 168 hours in a week, one hour a day might not be enough. If your schedule allows, make sure you get “two-a-days” in. Trying working on your conditioning in the AM and strength in the PM.”
(Gregg Miele is a Beverly Hills based trainer who has worked with Gisele Bundchen and athletes including Reggie Bush and is the owner of . For more info check out

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