Six benefits of using rowing machines

Rowing machines may not be the first thing most people think of when it comes to important equipment in a gym, or even in the top five or more pieces, but they are one of the best machines you can use.
Few low-impact exercises can help a person burn more calories.
Simulating the motion of rowing on a boat, a rowing machine is a fun, functional exercise with numerous benefits.
Here are six of the top benefits of exercising on a rowing machine:
1. Cardio – Rowing machines are a great way to get a fast, highly effective cardio workout.
2. Weight loss- Rowing can burn up to 125 calories in just 15-20 minutes, or approximately 500 calories in an hour. Combined with a healthy diet, rowing is an excellent way to safely lose weight.
3. Heart healthy – Rowing gives your heart a steady workout, which helps increase blood flow and in turn promotes long-term heart muscle strength.
4. All-around muscle builder – Few exercises incorporate more muscle groups than rowing. A rowing machine works a person’s arms, back, shoulders, abs, legs and hips.
Row forward or backward and change up your strokes at different points of the workout.
5. Stress Reduction – Countless studies show that exercising can improve a person’s overall mood by increasing the amount of endorphins released in the body.
6. Age-friendly – Rowing machines are fun and effective for people of all ages, but many seniors find them particularly effective because they place little or no strain on the back and joints.

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